dmxLAN nodeGB x 8 slave

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8 fully programmable DMX ports and a dual Gigabit port switch for slave operation to dmXLAN switch GBx.


The node offers data splitting, merging, soft patching and backup when programmed using ELC’s dmXLAN software. All DMX ports are fully-isolated.

Every DMX port has an RGB LED indicator which can be programmed via the dmXLAN software. The output of the DMX ports is measured continuously and detected changes and errors are appearing on the node’s display and in dmXLAN.

The DLN8GBXSL can only be used as a slave to the dmXLAN switch GBx 10 or dmXLAN switchGBx 18. The DMX ports can be configured via the user interface of the switch or with the dmXLAN software. Up to 15 of these slave units can be connected to the switch, giving you a system rack with 120 fully programmable DMX/RDM ports.


  • Active output measurement
  • RGB LED for every DMX port
  • 8 Bi-directional DMX ports on the front panel, RDM compatible
  • Supports sACN, Art-Net & Shownet
  • Remote programming and monitoring and fixture parameter override
  • DMX Input normal or backup
  • DMX Output normal, HTP, Priority merging, Softpatch (channel by channel), programmable merging with DMX channel control
  • Local control via colour touchscreen, rotary encoder/selector pushbutton
  • Support for WYSIWYG, ESP, Capture
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