EclPanel TWCXL

The EclPanel TWCXL is an ultra-bright LED soft light engineered for large scale Film & TV productions that provides an outstanding soft source of powerful lighting.


The PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWCXL comes with a full range of white tones, from daylight to tungsten, attaining a superior light quality with high CRI, TLCI, and TM-30 values. The EclPanel TWCXL allows for quick and accurate local control through 4 rotatory knobs with three fully-featured modes: CCT with +/- green shift, HSI for total control of hue, saturation and intensity and FX mode to access the pixel cinema effects. Each of the 48 sections has individual control to play the customisable cinema effects or by pixel mapping from an external controller. The unit has an onboard driver, a built-in power supply, a Wireless transceiver for remote DMX and RDM control, and network connectivity (Art-Net, sACN).

Product Features:

  • 1500W RGB + Warm White LED source
  • CRI >93; R9 >95; TLCI >93
  • 48 section pixel control and built-in lighting effects for cinema applications, colour gels matching
  • Silent operation with multiple fan modes
  • Wireless DMX and RDM for wireless control and communication, Ethernet connectivity

MUSECL100 EclPanel TWCXL Datasheet .pdf    455.62 KB
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