MONOBLOX wows people all over the world as it combines our time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame.


This system is excellent for applications which require the frame to be set up as easily and quickly as possible. Individual parts cannot get lost or be mixed up. Therefore, MONOBLOX is ideal for renting out. Stability, weight and transport volume have been optimized and are in perfect harmony. To ensure optimum packing for each size we have developed two types of profiles made of hardened aluminium alloy. 

Monoblox 64

Aluminium frame with snap joints (64×32-mm profile) consisting of 2 frame modules (horizontal), 2 vertical modules, inc. 1 pair of AT32/64-Legs and thumb screws for connecting frame and legs, hard flight case, elastic screen material incl. 10 cm black, reinforced border and snap fasteners incl. bag; attachment of screen material to frame by means of snap fasteners.

Front projection screen material Flex White CI – 100% light-tight, flame resistant. Available with standard studs or Invisnaps

Gain factor: 1.02; viewing angle: +/- 50°

Rear projection screen material – Flex Rear CI or Flex Rear MO – cleanable, flame resistant.

Gain factor: 1.18 or 2.25; viewing angle: +/- 45° Size of projection area (image dimensions): ____x____ cm, W x H Frame size (outer dimensions): ____x____ cm, W x H Manufacturer:

AV Stumpfl Type: Monoblox 64

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