Neptune 700 Profile IP65

The NEPTUNE 700 Profile is a compact IP65-rated, 600W LED powerhouse with framing. The incredible 7°-50° zoom range creates a truly versatile fixture when used with the gobo wheel for stunning aerial effects or with one of the frost filters to deliver a soft edge, wide coverage wash.


The fixture features a high-efficient optic system that delivers excellent performance. It also incorporates a linear CMY colour system, providing a wide range of colors and seamless colour mixing capabilities. This enables the fixture to produce vibrant and rich colours for stunning lighting effects.

The NEPTUNE 700 Profile offers a flexible framing system. This system allows users to create precise shapes and patterns by cutting and shaping the light beam, each of the 4 blades can be individually controlled.

The NEPTUNE 700 excels in temporary outdoor installations, concerts, events, theme parks, and commercial activities. Its IP65 rating ensures it is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor use even in challenging weather conditions.

Overall, the NEPTUNE 700 Profile is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture that offers a range of features for creating impressive lighting displays in various settings.



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