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Blinder II C

An innovation in its class, the Blinder II C features a dual LED engine, utilising both Warm White and RGBA modules. It boasts over 500W of power, a 2800K to 10000K tuneable white, and full colour mixing capabilities in a blinder package.

Shark BSW IP65 480 HID

The Shark BSW IP65 480 HID is the perfect combination of a Beam/Spot/Wash fixture, able to produce a staggering 23,000 lux from 50 metres away.

K65 IP

The K65 IP boasts a remarkable array of features designed to elevate your lighting productions.

H1 BSW 480 HID

The H1 Beam/Spot/Wash is a feature rich yet lightweight fixture.


The LED Fresnel RGBAL is a 15°-50° manual zoom LED fixture with a powerful 100W LED engine comparable to 750W conventional fresnels.

Eclipse Profile Zoom RGBAL

The Eclipse Profile Zoom RGBAL is a compact and lightweight RGBAL profile that’s designed to impress.

Raytheon FC IP65

Introducing RAYTHEON FC, a high-powered professional LED strobe that delivers stunning effects, with a maximum output of up to 1100W.


The Alligator is a double-sided beam/wash/strobe moving bar with infinite pan and tilt.

Pro DMX Fan

Suitable for stage,dj and various performance occasions. Pro DMX Fan is a perfect partner to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Uni Fog DMX

Are you looking to add some extra atmosphere to your next event or performance? Look no further than our ShowPRO Uni Fog DMX machine. With a range of 180 degrees, you can adjust the angle to perfectly suit your needs. Simply loosen the bilateral knobs, adjust to the desired angle, and tighten them back up.


Venue Haze 1200

Are you looking for a compact and versatile haze machine? Look no further than our ShowPRO Venue Haze 1200, which can be hung up or placed on the stage for easy use. With its small size and easy portability, you can take it with you wherever you go.

Pro Haze 3500

Looking for a professional-grade haze machine that can deliver symmetrical and thin smoke without any burnt smell. Look no further than our ShowPRO Pro Haze 3500, which comes in a small body with a convenient flight case.

Atomizer Pro Hazer

Get ready to take your event space to the next level with the ShowPRO Atomizer Pro Hazer! This haze machine uses high pressure atomization technology to create an even, think haze that diffuses quickly and evenly!


An innovative LED CYC unit well equipped for the harsh environments with an IP65 rating, this unit will take the bad weather head on with ease.

DiamondBack Tour Pack 3

The DiamondBack offers a super bright RGBW pixel controllable beam with a zoomable range of 3°~56°.

LED Fresnel 150 TW

The latest addition to the ShowPro theatre range the TW series of manual zoom Fresnel’s offer the user a high quality, tunable LED source that provides a calibrated HI CRI variable white output ranging from 2700 to 4200 K.

LED Fresnel 250 TW

The LED Fresnel 250 TW is a high CRI tunable white 2700K-4500K fresnel with 10°-60° manual zoom.

LED Fresnel 150 HEX

The LED Fresnel 150 HEX is a 10°-50° manual zoom RGBALC LED fixture with a powerful 100W LED engine.

LED Fresnel 250 HEX

The LED Fresnel 250 HEX is a 10°-60° manual zoom RGBALC LED fixture with a powerful 250W LED engine.

Rain cover 43cm

These covers are designed to provide rain protection to the luminaire at downward projection position.

Rain cover 60cm to 65cm

These covers are designed to provide rain protection to the luminaire at downward projection position.

Rain cover 63cm

These covers are designed to provide rain protection to the luminaire at downward projection position.


MOONLITE 80 HEX is a creative house light with a highly efficient optical system and HSIC colour mixing system.


MOONLITE 150 HEX is a creative house light with a highly efficient optical system and HSIC colour mixing system.

K-Smart Profile

The K-Smart Profile is a precise and powerful 600W profile moving head with framing and a zoom of 6°~50°.


Pluto Beam

PLUTO BEAM is a ultra-compact moving beam with super narrow angle of 1.7°.

R2 Beam Wash

The R2 beam wash has amazing output thanks to the 19×40 watt RGB-Warm White LED chips.




R3 Wash

The R3 wash is a small, yet powerful and extremely versatile fixture equally suited to on-stage duties as a narrow beam fixture, boasting a super fat bright beam at 4° and can achieve a soft edge wash with loads of output at 60°. The R3 wash is great for both theatre applications and table-spotting when you’re particularly needing amber yellows and natural-looking warm tones because it can produce a beautiful gold colour.


Neptune 200 Beam IP65

NEPTUNE 200 BEAM is an ultra-compact IP beam moving head, which delivers unbelievable strong and powerful output, Provide a solid fat, sharp and clean beam at 1.7°

Neptune 300 Wash IP65

The Neptune 300 Wash IP65 has 7x40W RGBL emitters with pixel ring for eye candy effects.

Neptune 400 Hybrid IP65

NEPTUNE 400 HYBRID is a powerful IP65 rated hybrid moving head, with high-efficiency optics, wide zoom angle from 3-30° that provides a strong beam and spot effects.

Neptune 400 wash IP65

Neptune 400 Wash is powered by the industry-standard 19 x 20w Osram RGBW LED source. Featuring the added visual effect of the outer LED pixel ring all in an IP 65 rated moving head fixture.


Neptune 400 FX Wash IP65

NEPTUNE 400 FX WASH is an innovative IP65 moving head LED wash, combining 7x40w and 1x60W RGBW LED sources in an advanced optical design as well as a creative LED ring effect.


Neptune 700 Profile IP65

The NEPTUNE 700 Profile is a compact IP65-rated, 600W LED powerhouse with framing. The incredible 7°-50° zoom range creates a truly versatile fixture when used with the gobo wheel for stunning aerial effects or with one of the frost filters to deliver a soft edge, wide coverage wash.

Pluto 8000 WBX

The Pluto 8000 WBX is a cutting-edge RGBL moving head wash light that takes your lighting experience to the next level. With its exceptional colour mixing capabilities, CCT range from 1800k to 10000k, and versatile zoom range of 3.5°-60°, this fixture is a versatile powerhouse.

Neptune Super Beam

The NEPTUNE SUPER BEAM is an IP65 260W laser light source beam moving head light.

Pluto 2000 wash moving head CCS3

The Pluto 2000 wash CCS3 moving head is the new generation of wash lights! Each of the 7x40W RGBW LEDs can be individually controlled and with the new colour consistency system match other fixtures with CCS in the Silverstar range.