TwinFade II Channel Dimmer

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The new Theatrelight Twinfade II includes local fader control as well as DMX512 input for remote operation.


The Theatrelight Twinfade II has stand-alone operation also features effects including fire and TV flicker, ramp fades and strobe. A factory fitted Lumen Radio wireless card can be installed for connection to a Lumen Radio network (WDMX compatible). The Twinfade II uses an RCD 30ma / 10amp circuit breaker and the same reliable SCRs and chokes as used in our dimmers. Total input load rating of 10 amps. Supply and load connections are by cables fitted with plugs and sockets.

The TwinFade II dual channel dimmer features:

  • Compact and highly portable
  • Twinfade dims 2 channels at 10 Amps total load
  • Flash key for each channel
  • MCB circuit breaker protection
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