TL-1000W Fresnel 3200K

The Theatrelight TL-F1000 is a white LED Fresnel spotlight suitable for general lighting in small theatres and TV studios, and for exhibition and lighting display including art galleries and museums.


The TL-F1000 is available fitted with colour runners to hold colour filters and beam shaping barndoors for theatre use, or without colour runners for general display use. The colour runners can be changed by the customer as the parts are supplied for the other model. A number of lens types, wattage ratings, and colour temperature options are available in both models, with either 3 or 5 pin XLR connectors. The F1000 can also be ordered fitted with an internal wireless DMX card by Lumen Radio (WDMX compatible) with either an internal 2dB antenna or external high gain antenna to order.

The major benefits over an equivalent spotlight using an incandescent bulb are the marked savings in running costs. The light output exceeds many 1200 watt incandescent Fresnels, but at a little over 10% of the power costs. In addition, whereas most Theatre or TV rated incandescent bulbs are expensive and have a lifetime of under 750 hours, the F1000 has an expected lifetime in excess of 20,000 hours, resulting in much reduced lamp replacement and maintenance costs.

The very low Infra-Red and UV output of LED luminaires makes the F1000 ideal for preserving colours in Museum lighting, while beam shaping bardoors with minimal spill make the F1000 an efficient substiute for a FOH profile spotlight. The F1000 LED module is manufactured to Theatrelight specifications using Osram LED chips with an integrated collimating lens, light mask, and PMMA Fresnel lens for maximum optical efficiency in conjunction with a high power factor, universal mains power supply of proven reliability.

The TL-1000 Fresnel 3200K features:

  • Cool touch
  • 3200k, CRI >95
  • LED life > 20,000 hours
  • DMX512, 1 or 2 channel control
  • wireless DMX built-in option
  • Effects include fire and strobe
  • 1200 watt incandescent equivalent
  • Light weight – only 3.9kg
  • Fast PWM option (3840Hz) for TV and film


HOUSING: Anodised aluminium extrusion sides, molded plastic front and back
COLOUR: Non-reflective black. Silver and custom colours can be supplied for larger orders
YOKE: Anodised aluminium, with easy adjusting tilt friction lock, and adjustable yoke balance point
WORKING TEMPERATURE: -30 to +35C ambient
CASE TEMPERATURE: 30C maximum above ambient
HUMIDITY: 95% max, non-condensing
IP RATING: IP20 (indoor use only)
DMX FAIL BEHAVIOUR: 10 minutes hold, then 5 min fade out for Modes 1-5, off for Modes 6-9
COOLING: Variable speed fan cooling. LED level is faded out if over temperature. Fan is off when LED is below 35C
LED OPTIONS: Incandescent halogen white (3,200°K ±200K), CRI >95 Film daylight white (5,600°K ±400K), CRI >90 Cool white (8,000°K ±500K), CRI >80 (max output) Other colour and CRI choices to order.
DIMMING RESOLUTION: Standard dimming resolution is a 16 bit fade (1 in 64,000) to the 8 bit target resolution (1 in 256) of DMX using just one DMX channel instead of the two channels normally needed for 16 bit dimming. A fast PWM version to eliminate banding can be supplied to special order for Film and TV camera work.

EXPECTED LIFETIME: >20,000 hours (~10 years at 6 hours per day, 6 days a week)
INPUT POWER: 90-250 vac, 50/60 Hz, 200 watts maximum
DIMENSIONS: 295mm long x 210 mm wide x 205 mm high
WEIGHT: 3.9 kg, barndoors 0.3 kg
The F1000 is supplied with a colour frame, and a 2m power cable, IEC to 3 pin plug or bare ends to order. Barndoors and Lumen Radio Wireless card with antenna optional.

THRFRE100 TL-1000W Fresnell 3200K datasheet.pdf    487.33 KB
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