VarioLock 64

The most popular modular projection screen in the industry, VarioLock® is used by rental companies, hotels, and churches around the country. Its portable modular® frame and one-touch locking joints that maximize ease of assembly for stability and strength.


All VarioLock® System 64 Kits include the VarioLock® System 64 Modular Frame with cam lock connectors, Surface/s that are available in multiple options, compact Hard Case for easy transport and storage, AT64 Legs and Flying Brackets are offered at an additional cost. Our most innovative modular screen product features 32mm x 64mm rigid aluminium frame for increased stability in operation and lasting value over time with zero deflection. In order to fit a large scale projection screen into a portable case, the VarioLock® System 64 Frame comes with 4 basic corners, 110cm frame segments and a generally a single fill piece on each side to achieve your true dimension. Monoblox® System 64 frames include our unique internal stabilizers which provide greater durability at the folding hinge points.

VarioLocks’s® high precision engineered one-turn cam lock is ideal for quick assembly and easy takedown. Flexible, crease free, folding Front, Rear or DualVision projection screens are attached to the frame easily with snaps. Our standard press snaps are especially matte rubber coated cap to prevent distracting reflections and may also be made with an Invisisnap modification to hide completely. Easily convert from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 aspect ratio or any other dimension easily by purchasing the adjacent fill pieces and corresponding matts. All frames are positively attached to the legs with our unique wing screws and have 4 different leg profiles available in addition to our patented hanging bracket options which attach to the Monoblox frame at any point for safe rigging. VarioLock® has revolutionized the world’s rental & staging industry from its first conception, simplifying your way of projecting.


  • ALL VarioLock® System 64 Kits include VarioLock® System 64, Surface/s with Soft Padded Surface Bag, and Standard Hard Case/s
  • Modular 32mm x 64mm lightweight rigid Heavy-Duty frame profile optimized for ultra wide formats in multiple aspect ratios
  • High performance, flexible PVC screen material for Front, Rear, DualVision, 3D, and High Gain HD available for all Vario/VarioLock® Kits
  • Innovative, one-touch cam lock with durable locking corner braces insures speedy assembly and takedown into compact Hard Cases
  • Precision engineering provides for easy and effective operation time after time with almost zero deflection
  • Standard 4″ black border that may be customized to meet individual needs
  • Reinforced elastic binding with welded seams for easy assembly and increased durability
  • Standard AT64 Legs with hardware are available as an add-on
  • Hanging brackets attach easily to any point on the frame so it may be flown or rigged safely
  • Easy conversion from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 aspect ratio or any dimension with the purchase of the correct frame verticals and correlating matt
  • All VarioLock® System 64 Kits come in standard matte aluminum finish with the upgrade option to Black Anodized matte finish for Frame and Legs
  • Compact Hard Case w/Padded Surface Bag for safe transport and storage
  • Simple, intuitive, and safe setup for single person or team assembly
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