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The 2018 CMC Music Awards recently took place at The Star Gold Coast with a stunning production and lighting design by Josh Moffat of Zennacle.

The impressive lighting rig was supplied by NW Group and included Claypaky Scenius Unicos and Profiles as well as over 100 Martin moving lights.

“I’ve used the Claypaky Scenius fixtures on several events and they’re very good,” remarked Josh. “The Unicos are very impressive; punchy, even and their colour consistency is phenomenal. On the CMC Awards I had eight Unicos doing all the keylight downstage and they didn’t miss a beat. I also had four Scenius Profiles for keylight above the main cameras and they were also great. I didn’t have to swap a single one out all week as they were refreshingly reliable for a moving light.”

Josh also utilised the venue’s inhouse 18 x Claypaky Alpha Spot 800 QWO and 12 x Alpha Wash HPE 700, which he said looked a little old and tired but worked surprisingly very well!

For eye candy, colour and movement for all of the performances and award presentation Josh turned to his 22 x Martin Professional MAC Viper Profiles, 40 x MAC Quantum Profiles, 23 x MAC Quantum Washes and 44 x MAC Auras. He also had use of the inhouse Martin RUSH MH3 Beams.

“The MAC Viper is a really good workhorse,” stated Josh. “But what really stood out was the brightness and colour consistency of the MAC Quantums, which you don’t really get with discharge fixtures when you have elements such as different lamp hours. The MAC Aura is an old favourite that never gets tired; they always work and look great on camera as they don’t flicker like some of the Chinese stuff on the market.”

A total of 26 x ShowPro LED Flood HEX36 supplied colour wash to the stage and set.
Control was an MA Lighting International grandMA2 full size with an MA2 light.

“It’s been my console of choice for over seven years and I wouldn’t use anything else,” said Josh. “They work, they do their thing and there’s no point looking elsewhere.”

Images courtesy Foxtel Management Pty Ltd

Featured Products…

Scenius Unico

The Scenius Unico is the latest addition to the Scenius family, therefore its first highly appealing feature is the quality of its light (1400W Osram lamp, 6500K, very high CRI). It is a magnificent spot light for projecting effects, with six rotating gobos, a rotating prism a beautiful animation wheel, and it is equipped with the most sophisticated and most precise framing system on the market today.

Scenius profile

Scenius Profile is the new Clay Paky beam shaper at the top of the Clay Paky moving head range. The optical reflector has been designed specifically for this product, in order to make the projection perfectly uniform across the whole beam opening, avoiding the typical hotspot effect of many spotlights.

MAC AURA Out Of Stock


The MAC Aura is the first compact LED moving head wash light with zoom that offers never-before-seen, eye-candy aura effects yet also functions as a highly capable single-lens wash with fully pre-mixed color.