New ZealandVenuesRegent on broadway theatre

The historical Regent on Broadway Theatre in Palmerston North, New Zealand, has switched to an MA Lighting International MA2 light console for lighting control and Technical Manager Shamus Jackson is both delighted and relieved!

“I started working here last November and they had a Hog 3 which was really on its last legs,” said Shamus. “Initially they wanted to get another Hog but I insisted that they get an MA console and I think everyone is pleased that we did.”
Shamus commented that he finds the MA platform to be incredibly stable and preferred by many of the touring companies.

“I believe it’s more industry-standard than the Hogs,” he added. “I find the usability of the MA2 to be better and they just flow a lot nicer. I like the layout of the MA2, it’s easy to lay out everything you need and want on the pages. Also, the onPC 3D visualization allows us to show clients exactly what we will be doing without having to actually turn lights on. You can certainly make a show happen a lot faster than on a Hog.”

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