Based in Sydney, Action Sound light a significant number of events where cabling safety is important, such as outdoors and in architectural spaces, and where the cables themselves are visually distracting.Consequently the ability to place a light anywhere in an instant, and to be able to control it wirelessly, is a big advantage.

Enter the ShowPRO LED ColorDoQ wash and the ShowPRO LED Apollo chrome uplighter! Both are battery-powered, cable-free, are IP-rated and have onboard Wireless DMX making them extremely versatile.

“We have some large building wash lights, and as a wall washer, they sit very nicely in that zone between skyscraper and cubby house!” commented Tony Hystek, Managing Director of Action Sound. “The menu structure is very straight forward, and they have had excellent WDMX performance without the use of external antennae.”

Tony remarked that for such a high output, the battery in the ColorDoQs is very compact, resulting in a low-profile, visually attractive fixture, with excellent run-time before recharge.
“Unlike other products in the family, the power switch is on the side, meaning the fixture doesn’t have to be moved to power up,” he added. “Both the ColorDoQs and the Apollos have performed very well so far, and are our go-to lights to solve last-minute lighting requests.”

Photo 1: ColorDoQ’s on right, Apollo’s on left
Photo 2: Red under-car using 1x ColorDoQ
Photo 3: ColorDoQ’s uplight the far wall, one each side of the doorway.

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