Revesby Workers Club, in Sydney’s southwest, has unveiled its new Miss Iggy’s kitchen, bar, lounge and arcade for kids at heart. Miss Iggy’s features a retro gaming arcade vibe, with a range of pinball machines to stand-up 80s and 90s arcade games, plus a dual dance machine.

With its eclectic design, inspired by street art and quirky slang of the 90s, the desire was for Miss Iggy’s to bring brings a trendy inner Sydney vibe to the heart of Revesby.

The club turned to The AVIT Group to create a space that married the vibrant, eclectic energy of inner Sydney with modern AV technology. The brief asked for an AV system that would support a broad range of services and facilities, including a nightclub, bar, lounge, and arcade while ensuring a dynamic atmosphere for guests.

For vibrant lighting, ShowPRO Pluto 200 Spots and ShowPRO Pluto 2000 Washes were chosen and are located around the dance floor. Their primary function is to create dynamic lighting effects that enhance the overall atmosphere of the nightclub. They’re used in DJ mode to sync with the music and create a high-energy dance environment, but can also be adjusted to provide more focused lighting for stage performances.

“We selected the Pluto 200 Spot for several reasons,” explained Adrian Davis, Operations Manager at AVIT. “Firstly, their cost-effectiveness makes them an ideal choice for a project of this scale, ensuring we could meet the client’s needs without exceeding the budget. Secondly, their performance is excellent. The Pluto 200 offers high output and precision, making it ideal for creating dynamic and engaging lighting effects in a nightclub setting.

“The Pluto 2000 Wash was chosen for similar reasons. Aside from being cost-effective, these fixtures offer outstanding performance. They provide a broad wash of light with vibrant colours and excellent intensity control, creating a rich and atmospheric lighting environment that perfectly complements the eclectic design of Miss Iggy’s.”

Adrian reports that the performance of both the Pluto 200 and Pluto 2000 fixtures has been excellent adding that they’ve been reliable and effective, meeting all the requirements for the space. Their versatility and ease of control have been particularly beneficial, allowing easy adaptation of the lighting to suit different events and atmospheres at Miss Iggy’s.

“Our overall goal for this project was to create an immersive and engaging environment that matches the eclectic design and retro vibe of Miss Iggy’s, and we believe that the lighting solutions we’ve implemented have played a crucial role in achieving that,” concluded Adrian.

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Pluto 2000 wash moving head CCS3

The Pluto 2000 wash CCS3 moving head is the new generation of wash lights! Each of the 7x40W RGBW LEDs can be individually controlled and with the new colour consistency system match other fixtures with CCS in the Silverstar range.