Dalis 862S 75w Variable White footlight

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Lighting reinvented.


Offering a true tunable white from 2200K to 6500K, Dalis 862S is a compact footlight which incorporates 24 patented asymmetric reflectors arranged in a double row. Each row can be controlled independently offering long or short throw capacities and creating upstage or downstage lighting. Set at the edge of the stage and not visible to the audience, Dalis 862S provides quality white light on performers from the front to the back of the stage. Each unit also integrates red and blue coloured position lights independently controlled, acting as a signal for the performers and also marking the edge of the stage.


• True tunable white: from very warm (2200K) to daylight (6500K) to match every skin tones and moods on stage

• 4 red and blue coloured position lights: individual control of each light acting as a signal and marking safely the edge of the stage without disturbing the audience

• Adjustable response time: choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation – adjustment by DMX protocol • Strobe: independent control of speed and duration

• Universal data control: compatible with DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN protocols

• Easy setup: locally and remotely by RDM protocol – integrated display

• 16-bit control: independent and precision dimming on both warm and cool whites

• Control of up to 4 groups: precision lighting by separating the unit into 2 or 4 sections to target defined areas on stage

• Dimming parameters: choice of square or linear dimming curves

• Adjustable feet: can be installed directly on the floor; simple retractable foot mechanism to aid floor focusing

• Exclusive patented optical system: 48 micro optical asymmetric reflectors spreading the light evenly with very wide aperture (90°)

• Double row arrangement optical system: bottom row for downstage and top row for upstage lighting with independent control of light intensity

• High efficiency: massive light output, small power consumption

• Long life: outstanding operational lifetime expectation, no need to replace lamps, low maintenance

• High transmissive coated protective glass window: ensures optimal light transmission

• Electronic dimmer: dimming without clipping or cut-out at low intensity levels; high quality smoothing

• Made in Europe: control over all aspects of quality

• PSU: built-in electronic flicker-free power supply for easy, plug-andplay installation

• Ethernet-DMX node: data IN through RJ45 connector; data OUT through DMX for daisy chaining

• Power connectors: neutriK® powerCON TRUE1 IN and OUT connectors for daisy chaining; delayed power out switching against inrush current

• Perfect integration on stage: compact size – all controls and connections are under the unit to maintain clean sight lines

• Fanless system: convection cooling- perfect for sound sensitive applications – less maintenance required • Electronic thermal management system: ensures maximum performance of the system without any risk of overheating

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