Tibo 553 HE Profile CW

Tibo HE 553 Cool White 15° to 35° is a product evolution of the original 75 W LED Tibo 533 model. Tibo HE (High Efficiency) is a new mighty compact profile spot featuring a 115 W white LED engine.


It offers twice as much light output and quality. Tibo HE delivers a very high CRI and guarantees a light output that exceeds a 2500 W tungsten luminaire equipped with CTB filter. The power supply is now integrated into the unit to make it really compact and easier to incorporate into a design vision. Its versatile optical design remains unchanged and still offers two different zoom ranges in one single unit – from 15/35° to 30/45° – which makes Tibo HE fitting into into any application, from architectural to event applications as well as traditional entertainment lighting.



• Shutter gate: 4 shutters. Remove shutters for easy maintenance or tuck fully inside gate for secure transport
• Universal gobo holder: m-size, glass and metal gobos
• Continuous 360° rotation of the fixture: adjustment of the projected image is always possible
• Adjustable response time: choice of fast or slow dimming for tungsten-like simulation – adjustment by DMX protocol
• Universal data control: compatible with DMX, RDM, Art-Net, sACN protocols
• Remote setup: all parameters can be adjusted by RDM protocol or by web interface
• PWM adjustment: choice of different PWM dimming frequencies – continuous mode available
• DMX: 8 or 16 bit dimming and strobe function
• Dimming parameters: choice of square or linear dimming curves
• Tilt reference on hanging yoke: index for rapid re-positioning

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