The guys at EI Productions will tell you that one of their most popular moving LED wash lights is the Claypaky B-Eye K10. So popular in fact that they’ve just bought another 24!

“These amazing fixtures not only do a great wash, they also colour mix, zoom and do great pixel effects,” commented Neale Mace, Managing Director of EI Productions. Claypaky has always made great and interesting products …. and I’m old enough to remember the Astro Spyder! The B-Eye K10 carries on this tradition. It’s a great LED moving head wash, beam, FX light. It has a really bright output, great colour mixing and the beam / pixel FX are amazing. Plus, they’re on lots of lighting tech riders.”

Neale adds that EI Productions has had a stock of Claypaky B-Eyes since 2014 and they’re always out working, so he happily bought more of the K10 variants to bolster their production inventory.

Neale remarked that once again Show Technology provided great service in assisting with their inventory upgrades.



The A.leda B-EYE K10 is a high performance wash light, a breathtaking beam light, and a creator of completely new spectacular visual effects.