Pluto 800 wash moving head

The Pluto 800 wash moving head is the new generation of wash lights! Each of the 3x40W RGBW LEDs can be individually controlled.


The Pluto 800 wash has an incredible zoom range of 4.5°-36°, creating tight beams or wide wash effects. The Pluto 800 wash is ideal for concert touring, rental companies and tv studios.

The Pluto 800 wash moving head features:

  • 3x40W (RGBW)
  • Pixel control
  • 6.2kg
  • Rapid & silent Pan & tilt movement
  • Beam angle 4.5°-36°, Field angle 9°-52°
  • DMX 3pin/5pin In/out, RDM, ARTNET

Optical System
Lamp Source 3x40W (RGBW)
Angle 4.5°-36° (field angle 9°-52°)
Electric Specs
Voltage 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
Max Power 140W
Driver Current 2.5A
Power Connection Power In and out
Signal socket 3 pin in and out, 5 pin in and out, Art-net
Control System
Pan/tilt rotation 540°/ 270° 8-16bit
Dimmer 0-100% 16Bit
Cooling Forced Convection
Control DMX512, RDM, ARTNET
Display Onboard Control, custom Mode, 0-25Hz Strobe
Dimming 0-100% 16Bit
Con Personality HSIC (13CHS), PERSON1 (13CHS), PERSON2 (21CH), PIXEL(37CHS), CMY (15CHS)
Special Pan/Tilt movement blackout, user-selectable pan/tilt ranges
Size 338x260x185mm
Weight 6.2KG
Casing Flame-retardant plastic (VO)
Colour Black
Work Environment
Ambient Temp 0-45°
IP Rated IP20
LEDMOV525 - Pluto 800 Wash Datasheet.pdf    1.63 MB
LEDMOV525 - Pluto 800 Wash MA Fixture    
LEDMOV525 - Pluto 800 Wash Manual.pdf    4.44 MB