Melbourne’s Front of House Productions had the opportunity to collaborate with Greenfields Events to produce their client’s 25th corporate birthday celebration featuring an incredible line-up including Ben Lee, Yo Mafia!, The Veronica’s, Midnight Mix and headliners The Killers.
They provided a full production package for the main tent while also activating the site with a turnkey lighting package including an amazing light cube entrance to Burnley Circus Site.

Recently FOHP invested in a wide range of ShowPRO product most of which was utilised at this prestigious event. They already owned ShowPRO Pluto 350 Spot, ShowPRO Pluto 2000 Wash and Pluto 800 Wash fixtures and as gigs started to return, they invested in more of these fixtures plus also ShowPRO Pluto 250 Hybrid, ShowPRO Pluto 4000 Wash and ShowPRO Duet LED Blinder units.

“As a designer, I really like the ShowPRO Pluto 800 Wash because they are super small, punchy and quite fast,” commented Dan Hawes, FOHP’s Production Manager. “For this show, I had them in groups of four for that vintage ACL look but with colour and movement. We only have eight ShowPRO Pluto 350 Spot but plan on getting more soon. They were used mainly for specials, hung from the front of house truss to pick up all the musicians. They’re also great, a CMY Spot that is very close to some of the leading manufacturers’ versions!”

The ShowPRO Pluto 4000 Wash is FOHP’s preferred wash unit for their main events, again chosen for their punch and also their zoom width. A total of 36 x ShowPRO Pluto 250 Hybrid fixtures were purchased with Dan adding that they are perfect for the looks they create and that for their price point, they are amazing.

“The ShowPRO Pluto 250 Hybrids are a great all-rounder and slot in nicely to our ever-growing inventory,” remarked Michael Eather, Head of Lighting at FOHP.

Michael also mentions that he has seen a noticeable reduction in the size of power systems that are required where they had previously been using movers with discharge lamps to achieve the necessary output on their larger shows.

Sixteen ShowPRO Duet LED Blinders were purchased to add to the sixteen FOHP already own.

“I’m a fan of them because they are LED based yet still have the equivalent punch of the old 2-way Duets whilst pulling less than half of the power,” said Dan.
The 30 x ShowPRO FusionPAR Q XIIs were purchased whilst FOHP was setting up the event when they realised they had run out of PARs! They also sub-hired 56 x ShowPRO LED PAR Quad-18 fixtures.

“We had these water drums throughout the site and each of them had a ShowPRO FusionPAR Q XII within it so we could run light chases across the site,” explained Dan. “The FusionPARs have W-DMX builtin which made it simple to control them around the site with our Wireless Solutions BlackBox F-1 G6.”

The guys at FOHP had the two ShowPRO Neptune 400 FX Wash fixtures on demo and after using them on this show, they will be placing an order soon!
“We used them to light the side of the tent with both a colour wash and then the kaleidoscope from the centre of the fixture,” said Dan. “We sub-hired in the 32 x ShowPRO Dreampix Tubes which we’ve used many times before. We had sixteen on either side of the stage to add width and depth to the stage.”
Two Look Solution Unique 2.1 Hazers supplied atmosphere with Dan commenting that he was surprised by how well the two fixtures could fill such a large tent.

Control was by a pair of MA Lighting MA2 light consoles; one for the house LD and one for The Killer’s LD. Site lighting was taken care of by an MA2 command wing with a fader wing.
“As always, Show Technology was very helpful and we have a great relationship with Branden Butler,” remarked Dan. “When we called them up saying we desperately required more LED PARs they had them ready for us to pick up within hours. It’s always good dealing with them and the service is second to none.”

Main Tent
2 x MA Lighting grandMA2 lights
1 x GrandMA2 8 Port node
2 x Look Solution Unique 2.1 Hazers
16 x ShowPRO Duet LED Blinder
16 x ShowPRO Pluto 800 Wash
24 x ShowPRO Pluto 4000 Wash
8 x ShowPRO Pluto 350 Spot
8 x ShowPRO Pluto 250 Hybrid
18 x Martin Mac Viper Profile.
32 x ShowPRO Dreampix Tubes (16 per side)

Site Lighting
1 x GrandMA2 Command/Faderwing
1 x Wireless Solutions BlackBox F-1 G6
30 x ShowPRO FusionPAR Q XII
56 x ShowPRO LED PAR Quad-18
2 x Neptune 400 FX Wash

Featured Products…

Neptune 400 FX Wash IP65

NEPTUNE 400 FX WASH is an innovative IP65 moving head LED wash, combining 7x40w and 1x60W RGBW LED sources in an advanced optical design as well as a creative LED ring effect.



Outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one), RGBW LED wash light designed for professional touring and production companies.
W-DMX receiver onboard

DreamPIX Tube Out Of Stock

DreamPIX Tube

The DREAMPIX TUBE enables awe-inspiring 3D effects with a double-sided pixel mappable RGB tube and an easy-to-use ArtNet interface that works flawlessly with popular industry standard pixel mapping tools.

LED PAR Quad-18

LED PAR Quad-18

Consisting of 18x QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs this fixture can cover a large range of the colour spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm and cool.

Look unique hazer 2.1

Unique Hazer 2.1

The UNIQUE 2.1 haze machine is the follow-up model of the original Unique and offers a variety of extra features, which open up new fields of operation for the user.