White Par12

LED PAR with 3-in-1 white LEDs
Amber – Warm white – Cool white LEDs



Rugged LED wash light, featuring:

– 12 x 9W 3-in-1 LEDs (Amber + Warm White + Cool White)

– Die-cast housing for efficient cooling and road-worthy durability

– High-frequency LED modulation for flicker-free video playback

– Four selectable dimming curves

– Gel frame and gel frame holder included

– Power In and Out connections for linking multiple units

– Built-in sound-active and auto (stand-alone) programs

– USB port for optional UFI wi-fi ┬átransceiver
for wireless master/slave or smartphone app control

– Infrared sensor for optional IR6 remote control

White-Par-12-User-Manual.pdf 1.71 MB
LEDNIT121-WHITE-PAR-12-cutsheet.pdf 359.89 KB