Seamless AV were obviously well impressed with their 16 x ShowPRO Pluto 350 LED hybrid moving head lights because they just purchased 16 x ShowPRO Pluto 4000 LED moving head wash units and Managing Director Alex Moffat couldn’t wait to get them out on a gig!

The Pluto 4000 wash moving head has 12x40W RGBW LEDs which can be individually controlled for incredible effects.

“The Pluto 4000 is super quick and super quiet so they’re perfect for all applications – especially when required in spaces when you don’t want the audience to hear the noise of multiple fixtures in the background,” he commented. “The ability for pixel control of the fixture was a major draw card and makes them perfect for pixel mapping.”

Alex also purchased 16 x ShowPRO Fusion Par QXII to add to their inventory saying that the built in Wireless DMX is a handy feature for these units and being IP65 makes them ideal to use outdoors.

“We also purchased 8 x ShowPRO Pharos LED profiles to our inventory,” Alex continued. “With the 14 – 30 degree beam angle on the units, it makes them versatile for many applications. We’ve also added 8 x ShowPRO LED Fresnel WW to our inventory as having LED fixtures instead of conventional lights means a reduced cost of replacing globes and expensive dimmers. These units are perfect for a stage wash.”

To show off all of his new fabulous beams Alex invested in another Look Solutions Unique 2.1 Hazer as well as Theatrelight 8 way DMX splitters and Theatrelight 3 phase distribution 12 way 10 amp.

“With these recent additions to our hire stock, we now have a large quantity of lights perfect for a variety of events,” concluded Alex. “Thanks to the team at Show Technology for all of their help and advice!”

Featured Products…

8 way RDM/DMX Splitter 5PIN XLR

The Theatrelight RDM8 is an isolated transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc to an RDM control panel.


Outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one), RGBW LED wash light designed for professional touring and production companies.
W-DMX receiver onboard


The Pharos is a compact LED profile with output comparable to 575W ellipsoidal reflector spotlights.

Look unique hazer 2.1

Unique Hazer 2.1

The UNIQUE 2.1 haze machine is the follow-up model of the original Unique and offers a variety of extra features, which open up new fields of operation for the user.