8 way RDM/DMX Splitter 5PIN XLR

The Theatrelight RDM8 is an isolated transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc to an RDM control panel.


The RDM/DMX Splitter can also be used as a DMX splitter in a DMX only system, or as a filter in an RDM system to prevent RDM commands affecting legacy DMX devices. It provides bi-directional transfer of data according to the ENSA RDM standard. The RDM/DMX input is isolated, and all outputs are isolated from the input and from each other to 500v DC. The RDM8 is normally supplied with either Neutrik 3 pin or 5 pin XLRs, or with plug in terminals for quick wiring in larger installations.

THRCON110 8 way RDM DMX Splitter.pdf    252.41 KB