Resolution X continues to grow its inventory with Show Technology products adding multiple Macula Systems, Prolights ECL Profile CT+ and CT+ IP and even more ShowPRO LED Fusion WASH.

“The Macula Systems ease of installation, and the fact we can utilise any fixture with it, makes it a really versatile product for so much of our market,” commented Jamie Russell, General Manager at ResX.

The Macula System, from LC Innovation, effortlessly transforms any moving-head light into a remote follow-spot with unmatched efficiency, boasting a quick setup with its 1:1 controller-to-light system. It’s an ideal choice for any project or event, “This recent investment reflects our commitment to bringing in-demand equipment and technology to the Australian market,” adds Jamie.

ResX also purchased over 700 units of the remarkable CT+ Profile lighting fixtures, which include the ECL Profile CT+ and CT+ IP.

“Whether we’ve sent the CT+ Profile to sit outdoors in a garden for three months, or out on a large scale commercial touring theatre show, we get the same amazing feedback on the fixture from lighting designers every time,” said Jamie. “It’s the quality of the output that sets it apart from others in the same class. Crisp projections, beautiful rich colour pallet and perfect whites in a really durable and tour ready body.”

The ECL Profile CT+ and CT+IP are top-tier LED ellipsoidals, each providing six-colour mixing for superior light quality and precise control. While the CT+ shines indoors, boasting features like tungsten emulation and bright whites up to 97 CRI, the CT+IP is crafted for outdoor environments ensuring consistent colour output even in challenging conditions.

Finally, ResX has recently bolstered its inventory by adding an even larger supply of the ShowPRO LED Fusion WASH, driven by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from its valued clients.

“Our clients are consistently impressed by the performance of this outdoor powerhouse, making it a no-brainer to add even more of these fantastic workhorses to our stock,” added Jamie.

The Fusion WASH stands out as an outdoor-rated, quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW LED wash light tailored for professional touring and productions. With its rugged IP-rated fixture and onboard W-DMX receiver, it offers increased intensity and reliability due to its superb build quality.

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