8 Way RDM/DMX Splitter NEUTRIK RJ45

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The 8 WAY RDM/DMX SPLITTER NEUTRIK RJ45 is a transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc


It may also be used as a DMX splitter in a DMX only system, or as a filter in an RDM system to prevent RDM commands affecting legacy DMX devices. It provides bi-directional transfer of data according to the RDM ENSA standard between its floating input (RDM “response” port) and its 8 isolated outputs (RDM “command” ports). The RDM8 is compatible with protocols ANSI E1.11 (DMX) and ANSI E1.20 (RDM).

Product Features:

  • Floating input with through connector
  • LED indicator for RDM/DMX signal input
  • 8 outputs, each isolated to 500VDC from Earth, from each other, and from the input
  • LED indicator for RDM/DMX signals on each output, active both transmitting and receiving
  • Power good LED indicator
  • All outputs use 5 volt RS485 drivers for maximum signal drive and integrity
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