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Macula Complete System

Macula is the only Ground Controlled Follow Spot System open to any fixture of your choice.

LumiNode 1

LuimNode 1 is a must have tool for every lighting professional. The only Gigabit network dongle with integrated node functionality providing advanced merging and routing of lighting data, RDM communications and DMX/RDM connectivity.

LumiNode 4

LumiNode 4 is specifically designed with an all metal, robust enclosure for rack mounting or truss mounting, making it an ideal solution for touring, theatre- and studio AV installs or for use at live performances.

LumiNode 12

The LumiNode 12 is an easy to deploy and maintain ethernet/DMX processing device for converting, routing, and merging DMX/RDM data on a network.

GigaCore 10

By far the most versatile Luminex Gigabit switch to be built to date, the plug-and-play GigaCore 10 has been designed specifically for the challenges and rigours of the live events and touring industry, where effortless set up, flexible use options, compact size and rugged reliability are key.

GigCore 12 with PoE

A pre-configured ethernet switch designed for professional AV solutions, perfect for touring and live events.

GigaCore 14 with PoE

A pre-configured ethernet switch designed for professional AV solutions, perfect for touring and live events.

GigaCore 16xt

A pre-configured ethernet switch designed for professional AV solutions, perfect for touring and live events.

GigaCore 20t

The GigaCore 20t is the ideal 10 Gigabit Ethernet AV switch for professional touring applications.

GigaCore 30i

The GigaCore 30i 24x 1GB is an Ethernet switch, dedicated to AV integration, installation, and touring, designed to support the most advanced AV protocols. In combination with the Araneo software platform, GigaCore 30i is the ideal solution to deploy an entire AV network with one click in any fixed installation.


LumiCore is a powerful network processing device for DMX lighting data streams, that can convert, route, and merge the most common ethernet lighting protocols. LumiCore is specifically designed for rack and truss
mounting with a robust all metal housing, making it an ideal solution for touring, theatre, and studio AV installs.

Zactrack Mini Package

The latest product to the zactrack portfolio, zactrack mini is now ready for action. Your newest tracking solution now comes in a briefcase sized case for easy transport and deployment by one person! zactrack mini embraces the core zactrack values and puts this tracking solution in a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity for an even faster and easier setup. The user experience is at the heart of zactrack mini.

ShowStore gbx

The ELC dmXLAN showStoreGBx is an advanced DMX controller with the ability to record and play back DMX data.

ZerOS Server +CAN

ZerOS Server is a rack mounted, slimline (1RU), fully featured lighting control system ideal for use in performance installations and networks where show replay, tracking backup or architectural system integration is required.

ZeroOS Server +CAN 1024CH CODE: EROZER111 

ZeroOS Server +CAN 4096CH CODE: EROZER113

RigSwitch 16A RCBO

RigSwitch is a remote controlled power switching solution suitable for any size venue, utilising a broad portfolio of power management technologies.

CODE:ERODIS012 RigSwitch 12 16A RCBO

CODE:ERODIS024 RigSwitch 24 16A RCBO

Gateway 8

Gateway 8 provides flexible DMX / RDM data distribution in a slim (1RU) 19” format, converting eight universes of Ethernet (sACN or Art-Net) into DMX512/RDM.

Gateway 4

Gateway 4 provides flexible DMX / RDM data distribution, converting four universes of Ethernet (sACN or Art-Net) into DMX512/RDM. The unit can be desk mounted or safely secured to a vertical or horizontal bar by adding a standard clamp onto one of two m10 mounting positions.

ZerOS Wing

ZerOS Wing has been designed to be simple and quick to setup and use. There are no settings, no configuration and no difficult connections. Just plug in via USB and any ZerOS console is instantly upgraded.


The C72tv is a 400A large-scale power distribution unit designed to meet all the requirements of delivering safe and reliable power to the modern-day entertainment industry.


Ultimate portability, offering a powerful LED and moving light controller in a small 19” unit with direct access to each of the lights in your rig.


Designed to save you time and maximize your creativity, the FLX lighting console is fully featured, portable and easy to use.


Double the power of the FLXS24 with intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide an overview of the show.


The C12 is a twelve-channel power distribution unit suited for a wide range of applications and purposes that need intelligent and reliable power delivered without interruption.

grandMA3 onPC rack-unit

The grandMA3 onPC rack-unit is a first class onPC controller in 19″ format with the grandMA3 onPC software already pre-installed on a powerful computer. So you won’t miss any features or software functionality compared to the grandMA3 consoles. Just connect a mouse, a keyboard and up to two external monitors and you can directly control 2 048 parameters. In combination with other onPC products, this can be extended to a maximum of 4 096 parameters.

Zactrack Smart

zactrack SMART is the world’s first plug and play automated follow system. System setup takes less than 15 minutes from unpacking the system components to 3D tracking for stage lighting, sound or video effects.

grandMA 3 Command wing XT

The grandMA3 onPC command wing XT is the grandMA3 onPC console solution. With the grandMA3 onPC software pre-installed on the built-in, genuine MA motherboard, the grandMA3 onPC command wing XT is a 4,096 parameter console that can be used in nearly any location – just add a touchscreen monitor, and it´s ready to go!

Pixera Mini

PIXERA mini is an ultra-compact media server perfect for digital signage and multi-display applications. The PIXERA mini is a 1U and ½ 19“ product. Two PIXERA mini servers can be installed in a 1U 19“ rack.

PIXERA mini is available with 2 or 4 outputs.



DMX Splitter 2 in 10 out fully isolated

The DMX Splitter 2 in 10 out fully isolated is a 19” rackmount DMX splitter supporting the bidirectional extension to the DMX protocol to accommodate Remote Device Management (RDM).

P3 DMX PowerPort 375

The DMX PowerPort 375 is a compact and versatile power supply for the entire Martin Creative LED Video range, to be used in DMX-based applications.


The C24 is a 24-channel power distribution unit that suits as wide range of applications and purposes, especially powering LED based lights and video displays. Compact and with powerful features it gives you the flexibilty to adapt to a wide range of applications.


PIXERA two is a compact 2U media server system, that can play back uncompressed 4K at 60fps. It offers even more customization options than PIXERA one and comes with a redundant power supply.


Very compact, flexible and user-friendly, the PIXERA One is a compact 1U server model that can play back uncompressed 4K at 60fps. With a depth of only 45cm, the PIXERA One is super-intuitive with ground-breaking PIXERA media server software that’s easy to learn and perfect for installation environments and 3D mapping, 2D workflows, and to previsualize work.

4 way DMX Splitter

The Theatrelight 4 way DMX splitter is a stand alone, mount anywhere, 4 way optically isolated DMX splitter.

8 way RDM/DMX Splitter 5PIN XLR

The Theatrelight RDM8 is an isolated transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc to an RDM control panel.

8 Way RDM/DMX Splitter NEUTRIK RJ45

The 8 WAY RDM/DMX SPLITTER NEUTRIK RJ45 is a transparent in-line RDM splitter used for connecting a large number of RDM devices such as moving lights, LED Luminaires, smoke machines, dimmers etc

Switch Pack DMX RCBO

The Theatrelight SwitchPack DMX RCBO is a DMX controlled On/Off mains power supply for LED luminaires, moving lights, and other inductive and capacitive loads.


DB Pack Distro Rack 12 Channel RCBO

The TheatrelightNZ DB-Pack is a simple, reliable 19 inch rack mount power distribution power supply for LED luminaires, moving lights, and other inductive and capacitive loads which need manually switched power.

Contact 12 RCBO

The Theatrelight contact 12 RCBO provides remote control via DMX of switched power supplies for Moving Lights, LEDs, and any other appliance requiring reliable DMX controlled On/Off power. The simplicity of the contact 12 switch pack makes it ideal for schools and hire use as there are no complicated setup issues.


Nebula Dimmer RCBO

The TheatreLight Nebula Digital Dimmer provides a wide range of features accessed through an easy to use LCD display and intuitive menu system.