LED Tape RGB IP55 (30 LED/m) 5m Roll

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The ShowPRO RGB LED Tape is by far the easiest way to provide a colour changing touch to pelmets, undersides of furniture edges, in fact anywhere you have limited space and wish to create a bright and saturated glow.


The latest in TriColour SMD LED technology is used to ensure an even and vibrant output that allows you to find desirable shades of between rich primaries and subtle pastels. Simply peel the backing off the tape and apply the tape directly to a prepared flat surface. The beginning of the tape then gets wired your choice of control option and away you go… The units come in two options of LED densities for different levels of output they can be trimmed down at specific points to allow you to fit them into your installation.

  • 30 “3-In-1” TriColour LED’s/m
  • Full range dimming on Red, Green and Blue LED’s for full colour mixing.
  • “3-In-1” LED’s allow for colour mixing without normal chromatic shadowing.
  • IP55 for Semi Outdoor Use
  • 24v DC connectio
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