R2 Beam Wash

The R2 beam wash has amazing output thanks to the 19×40 watt RGB-Warm White LED chips.





Amazing output thanks to the 19 x 40 watt RGB-WW chips.

Full Pixel control allows amazing creativity with flawless dimming and control available by DMX and all ethernet protocols.

The native Warm white LED’s provide a spectacular colour palette and amazing CCT’s only achievable with this LED combination.

High intensity beam mode and super wide wash make this a truly flexible beam/wash fixture.

R2 Beam Wash Features:

– 4°~60° linear zoom
– Individual LED control
– Built-in colour and effects macros
– Aerial (3D) and graphic (2D) effects
– Layer effects (background/foreground)
– Independent channel for CT correction
– White colour temp presets from 2700K ~ 6500K
– Hue / Saturation / Tint adjustment (green ~ magenta)
– Flawless 16-bit 540°/270° motorized pan/tilt movement
– Selectable PWM frequency for flicker-free video
– Locking pan and tilt for secure transportation
– DMX, RDM, Artnet control

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