grandMA3 onPC command wing

The grandMA3 onPC command wing is the ultimate grandMA3 mobile solution. In combination with the free of charge grandMA3 onPC software, the grandMA3 onPC command wing is a portable 2,048 parameter control solution that can be used in nearly any location – and all for an affordable price!


 It offers two built-in DMX ports as well as the possibilty to send two additional DMX universes via Ethernet protocols with grandMA3 onPC software.

Designed as the perfect hardware expansion to the grandMA3 onPC software, the grandMA3 onPC command wing enables the look and feel of the software to be as close to a real grandMA3 console as possible.

Thanks to the grandMA3 onPC command wing incorporating the command section of the grandMA3 consoles, it has never been easier to use the grandMA3 onPC software. With a simple USB connection between the grandMA3 onPC command wing and the computer running the grandMA3 onPC software, all inputs and outputs of a grandMA3 console are available to the user. DMX, Midi, Timecode and Remote Control are all on hand directly at the grandMA3 onPC command wing.

Wherever it is physically difficult to use a grandMA3 console, the grandMA3 onPC command wing, in conjunction with the grandMA3 onPC software, enables the customer to program or playback within the grandMA3 world. Therefore, the grandMA3 onPC command wing is ideal to be used as a backup solution within the grandMA3 system, as powerful control solution on the road or for smaller theatres, shows and clubs or for pre-programming.

The grandMA3 onPC command wing provides 4,096 parameters and any grandMA3 onPC Node can be added to the system to achieve the maximum parameter count and additional DMX outputs.

MA Lighting offers the perfect solutions for getting started with. Simply download the grandMA3 onPC software and connect to any of the “onPC” products to unlock parameters.

The amount of DMX outputs varies with each onPC product but all of them unlock parameters for the full grandMA3 software functionality. There is no compromise in feature set and the range of products allow you to make the right choice for your budget or individual needs.

There are two choices for onPC solutions: the grandMA3 onPC command wing, which offers the ultimate grandMA3 mobile solution; and the grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes, which offer the most cost-effective DMX output solution for software only show control.

All grandMA3 onPC xPort Nodes are equipped with a powerful processor and a 1000Mbit/s Ethernet connection to ensure the most reliable and stable Ethernet to DMX and vice versa conversion.

Every grandMA3 onPC xPort Node is capable of handling MA-Net3, MA-Net2, sACN and Art-Net data and is fully RDM compliant. A 50mm monitor on the front face allows for simple configuration and provides a quick overview of the status of each Node.

Technical Specifications

  • Real-time control for 2,048 parameters in combination with grandMA3 onPC
  • Expandable up to 4,096 parameters with onPC products and grandMA3 onPC
  • Command section similar to grandMA3 compact layout
  • 29 rotary RGB backlit encoder
  • 5 dual encoders
  • 10 motorized 60mm faders
  • 40 separate playbacks
  • 16 assignable x-keys
  • 2 motorized A/B faders 100mm
  • 1 Level-Wheel
  • Individually backlit and dimmable silent (clickless) keys
  • Just connect via USB to any PC running grandMA3 onPC

System requirements for grandMA3 onPC for Windows or Mac (as of grandMA3 v1.0.0.3):

  • Operating System:
    • Windows 10 64-bit or later (with admin rights)
    • Apple macOS Sierra 10.12.6 or later
  • Processor:
    • 6th generation Intel Core CPU (processor based platform) or later, with 4 or more cores and SSE 4.2
    • Comparable AMD CPU to the above
  • RAM:
    • Minimum: 8 GB
    • Recommended: 16+ GB
  • Hard Disk:
    • Minimum: 32 GB of available space
    • Recommended: SSD (solid-state)
  • Graphic Card / GPU:
    • Any card with hardware acceleration, OpenGL 4.1 support
    • Minimum: 1024 MB VRAM
    • Recommended: 4096 MB VRAM
  • Monitor Resolution:
    • 1920×1080 or higher
  • Network Card:
    • 1000BASE-T


Additional Requirements:

  • To use grandMA3 onPC in session with grandMA3 consoles, a minimum of 16 GB of RAM is required.
  • To use the online Help Manual and download the latest version of grandMA3 onPC, make sure you have internet access.
  • To save the software on a USB flash drive, use a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port, with the USB stick formatted as FAT-32.
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