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PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP WBX is a stunning IP65 high-output, LED wash light with pixel ring designed to bring the workhorse LED washlight to outdoor events. Featuring 19 of Osrams new 40W RGBW Ostar LEDs, it delivers a massive output with a huge colour range and an extensive toolkit of effects.


Outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW LED washlight designed for professional touring and production with W-DMX receiver onboard.

LED Fusion Wash 27

The LED Fusion wash 27 is an outdoor rated IP65 RGBW wash light with snap-on beam shaping filters for precise control of light output.


Outdoor-rated Quad-colour (4-in-one) RGBW one-meter LED bar /  batten delivers vibrant linear colour washes and an individually controllable 15 x 1 pixel matrix.

LED ColorDoQ

The ColorDoQ is a wireless battery washlight, performing high output in a super slim foldable housing.

LED Flood HEX36

The HEX LED WASH is a massive wash light boasting 450Watts of LED power. Using 36 x 12Watt RGBWA-UV 6 in 1 LEDs this wash light has lots of power to suit all your larger scale wash requirements.

LED Flood EX36

With a massive 288W of RGBW LED power, housed in a neat IP rated fixture, makes this our most sought after, high powered outdoor LED fixture yet.

LED Flood EX21

The LED Flood EX21 is a weather-proof high-output 21x RGBW LED washlight with an indestructible diecast body and tempered glass face, and advanced features for worry-free outdoor operation

LED PAR Hex-18 IP65

LED PAR Hex-18 IP65

This super flexible DMX 3-pin, IP65 rated LEDPAR allows you to flood almost any area with dynamic light as it uses 18 x 12 Watt LED Chips.

LED PAR Quad-18 IP65

LED PAR Quad-18 IP65

Based on our very popular QUAD 18 LED Par, this IP65 version uses exactly the same RGBW 8Watt Quad chips. This means you know what output levels you will get well in advance.