Robert Juliat, was formed in 1919 by Robert Juliat, the man behind the designing and manufacturing lighting and projection equipment for cinemas. Today, Robert Juliat is one of the most famous brands in the theatre market and for several generations the French company has remained a family business focused on professional stage lighting, primarily profile spots, fresnels and follow spots.

The spirit of innovation is still as prominent today as it was in the past. All products are renowned for their excellent quality and are produced at the company’s factory 50km north of Paris.

The Robert Juliat optical system is based upon condenser optics which harness the maximum amount of light to give a flat, even beam with no hotspot and little fall off of light at the edge of the beam. The result is a crisp, consistent spread of light, ensuring a smooth general cover and unsurpassed image projection. With the technician in mind, Robert Juliat designs fixtures to be the quickest to set up and easiest to maintain.  All fixtures are manufactured to be durable enough to withstand even the toughest of tours whilst each high quality component ensures complete reliability under show conditions.

Robert Juliat luminaires make financial sense because of the cost savings afforded by the modular nature of its range and the versatility of each zoom fixture. Man-hours and maintenance time are reduced, spares stock levels are kept to a minimum and the quality of build ensures a durable product with a long working life and an exceptional return on investment.

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Dalis 861

Sharing the same qualities of control, colour mixing, coverage and silent operation as Dalis Cyclight, Dalis 861 is the perfect wash complement to the Dalis range.

Dalis 862 Variable White Footlight

Offering a true tunable white from 2200K to 6500K, Dalis 862 footlight incorporates 48 patented asymmetric reflectors arranged in a double row. Each row can be controlled independently offering long or short throw capacities and creating upstage or downstage lighting.

DALIS 300W LED Cyclight

DALIS 860 Cyclight

Dalis is the new asymmetrical 300W LED cyc light from Robert Juliat, designed to deliver powerful, smooth coverage and a huge variety of pastel and saturated colours.

ROXIE Followspot LED 3000K 11/20

ROXIE Followspot LED 3000K 11/20

With its ultra compact dimension and low power consumption, Roxie is the new LED followspot. Roxie has been developed for the schools and small-sized venues to fit into the smallest of spaces.