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Show Technology has officially opened their newly extended Brisbane office boasting an incredible new professional lighting showroom, the largest in Queensland. As part of an extensive expansion program the company doubled its previous footprint by taking over the factory next door. The new showroom was essential for showcasing professional equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers of lighting and control systems. As well as the new showroom the entire facility was renewed and extended with new ergonomic workspaces, a state of the art service centre, hospitality area and static displays. Finally the warehousing area was extended, allowing the company to carry more local stock and improved to become more efficient.

Loyal customers and distinguished interstate guests enjoyed a creative timecode show incorporating the latest releases from premium suppliers while enjoying the team’s hospitality and catching up with industry colleagues.

“We are celebrating our 25th year of being in business but we don’t stop investing and expanding” commented Emmanuel Ziino, Founder and Managing Director of Show Technology. “Our new showroom shows our faith in the Queensland market. It will enable us to significantly support our local clients more than we ever have. Coupled with the extra staff we have added in recent years we feel we can offer excellent solutions locally with extra support from our Australia wide team as required. We welcome industry professionals to make the most of our facilities and to experience our products and their features first-hand.”

A highlight of the half-day event was the official launch of the new Claypaky HY B-EYE K15 seen in the Brisbane market for the first time as well as the top-selling Axcor range. Accompanying their extensive suite of ShowPRO gear, guests were able to experience the new fixtures from the PROLIGHTS collection including the Starkbar1000 batten, the Air5Fan effects lights and the impressive IP65 series, PanoramaIPs in Beam, Spot and Wash. Another popular line displayed from PROLIGHTS was the battery-powered range of PAR’s Dots, Table Lights and even W-DMX Candles!

Ayrton gear on display included creative effects lighting as well as their more recent masterpieces, Mistral, Bora, Levante, Diablo and of course the frequent crowd impressor, Ghibli.

Theatre Professionals and production experts alike were particularly wowed with Martin Professional’s new ELP ellipsoidal profile CL and WW and the MAC Encore Performance and Wash, with of course the new ERA300 making its debut. And of course, the sheer size and design of Robert Juliat’s Oz Followspot and Dalis series turned heads.

The grandMA3 Light Console along with the MA3 Compact desk provided endless entertainment to the technical guests who also got to see a SmartPDU rack in the ‘flesh’, which is quickly becoming the number one power distribution unit of choice protecting precious rigs far and wide.

AV Stumpfl’s latest release, a special media server called Pixera was on show too, along with a projection screens demo suite boasting European precision engineering at its’ finest!

All that attended remarked that it was a very successful event and industry professionals have expressed their gratitude for the industry contribution Show Technology provides. “I am very proud of Adam, Oliver, Candice and Clint; the nucleus of our team here in Brisbane and so are our clients, judging by their feedback!” concluded Emmanuel.

Already on the cards for Brisbane’s new facility are major supplier events in coming months and of course console training with the release of the new MA3 software anticipated soon.

Show Technology Brisbane is located at: Unit 3/459 Tufnell Road Banyo, QLD 4014 and can be contacted on 07 3267 3177.

Featured Products…

Axcor Beam 300

The new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market.

Axcor Spot 300

The new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market.

Axcor Wash 300

The new Axcor 300 family of moving LED fixtures brings Claypaky’s no-compromise quality and performance to the broad mid-market. The quality of their effects, their construction, and their high light output derive from the high-end products Claypaky specializes in.


Ayrton has developed Bora, its new feature-packed 750 W wash luminaire, using a radical approach. Its specific function is to establish the perfect atmosphere for your creative design. Fitted with a frontal 178 mm spherical lens, the proprietary optical system using 13 high-quality lenses was developed specifically for “wash” applications.

  • Bora– S (AYRBOR101)  Bora S Wash: 42,000lm, 8000k, CRI = 70 model
  • Bora – TC (AYRBOR100) Bora TC Wash: 31,000lm, 5700k, CRI = 90 model

Dalis 861

Sharing the same qualities of control, colour mixing, coverage and silent operation as Dalis Cyclight, Dalis 861 is the perfect wash complement to the Dalis range.

Dalis 863 Access RGBW

Dalis 863 Access is a 150W LED batten designed to give small-sized venues or those with smaller budgets the first access to Dalis technology



The Ayrton Diablo the smallest, lightest and most efficient luminaire of its category. With a record output of 19,000 lumens and a total weight of 21.8 kg, DIABLO is a powerhouse of technology that will tempt the most demanding lighting designers.

The Diablo comes in three models:

  • Diablo – S (AYRDIA101): a 19,000 lm, 6500 K, CRI=70 model
  • Diabo – TC (AYRDIA100): a 14,000 lm, 5700 K CRI=90 model
  • Diablo – Si (AYRDIA102): Installation model with no wireless

E3 LED Spot

The LED E3 Spot comes with RGBW colour mixing and advanced optical system projecting saturated colours.

ERA 300 Profile

The Martin ERA 300 Profile is a very compact profile fixture with an extremely efficient 260W white LED engine built for the road and is ideal for small and mid-sized concerts and touring, live TV productions, corporate shows, cruise lines and houses of worship.



The new FusionPAR H VII is an outdoor-rated Hex-colour (6-in-one) RGBAW+UV LED washlight designed for professional touring and production with W-DMX receiver onboard.

FusionPar H XII

Outdoor-rated Hex-colour (6-in-one) RGBAW+UV LED washlight designed for professional touring and production with W-DMX receiver onboard.


GHIBLI™ is Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire that is factory-equipped with a framing system designed to offer lighting designers unlimited creative possibilities without any compromise.


grandMA3 compact

The grandMA3 compact console is the smaller of the two compact models, offering the full system benefits of the grandMA3 system, housed in a compact and lightweight format. Easy to transport, the compact models are ideal for owner/operators and also the console of choice for tech-desk duties.


grandMA3 light

The grandMA3 light console is the work-horse of the range. It provides the perfect combination of power and physical size. The grandMA3 light console is suitable for all but the most demanding productions, making it probably the most versatile lighting console available.


The B-EYE has revolutionized the way we think of LED show lighting. Its innovative optical unit enhances the uniformity and efficiency of the light output. The rotating front lens and the possibility to control each single LED individually have made spectacular kaleidoscopic projections and charming eye candy effects possible.

Out Of Stock

LED ColorDoQ

The ColorDoQ is a wireless battery washlight, performing high output in a super slim foldable housing.


Click here for the product replacement.


LED PAR Quad-12

LED PAR Quad-12

The new LED PIXPAR range is compact in size, utilises the latest in LED technology, is bright, looks fantastic and is also inexpensive. The PIXPAR range will be sure to change the way you look at LED PARs.

LED PAR Quad-7

Consisting of 7 QUAD-COLOUR RGBW- 8Watt LEDs this fixture can cover a large range of the colour spectrum including quality pastels, whites warm and cool. With a total 56Watts of LED power this compact unit has more than enough output to suit most applications.


The PixPAR2 delivers a powerful tight beam or a super flat wash thanks to the DMX controlled motorised zoom in a compact diecast IP65 rated housing.



The Ayrton S version can produce an ultra high output, generating metallic white light calibrated at 6500 K and is specially designed for stage applications. The TC version, geared for situations that require perfect colour rendition, has a native colour rendering index greater than 90 and high TM30 readings.

  • Levante – S (AYRLEV101)  Levante S Wash: 20,000lm, 6500k, CRI = 70 model
  • Levante – TC (AYRLEV100) Levante TC Wash: 15,000lm, 5700k, CRI = 90 model

Martin ELP CL

Superior output, optics and colour rendering, combined with unparalleled ease-of-use and convenience, make Martin ELP CL the leading Colour LED ellipsoidal fixture in its class.

Available in two versions: ELP WW (Warm White) offers industry-leading colour rendering and brightness, while the ELP CL (Colour) delivers rich, saturated colours and class-leading output. Both versions have new operating modes, in addition to the existing ‘High Output’ and ‘Quality’ modes there is also a new ‘QUIET’ mode that has been added for near-silent operation. ELP Zoom Lenses expand the versatility of the line with two industry-standard beam ranges and two housing colour variants available in 15-30 degree and 25-50 degree beam ranges, in black or white housing WITHOUT compromising output or focal point.

See more about the Martin ELP WW (Warm White) >


A versatile, new fully equipped 300W spot luminaire in the same ultra-compact format as MERAK. Its new 13-lens proprietary optical system delivers a 8:1 zoom ratio with a zoom range of 6.7° to 53°. The optics, equipped with a 119mm frontal lens, can achieve an extremely uniform flat beam that can render images perfectly in all conditions and at any beam angle. MISTRAL comes in two versions, each to meet the specific requirements of lighting professionals:

The Mistral comes in three models:

  • Mistral – S (AYRMIS102): a 18,000 lm, 6500 K, CRI=70 model
  • Mistral – TC (AYRMIS100): a 14,000 lm, 5700 K CRI=90 model
  • Mistral – Si (AYRMIS103) Installation model no wireless
Monoblox 32


MONOBLOX wows people all over the world as it combines our time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame.

OZ 7/14.5

Oz is proof that Robert Juliat continues to lead the way in followspot design ! The dynamic long-throw model features an exclusive 600W cool white LED source and is the first professional LED followspot able to deliver a high output comparable with that of 1200W discharge followspots. With its compact dimension, silent operation, smooth electronic dimming and the benefits of no lamp change and powerful output, Oz is the perfect front of house spot for larger venues and full size theatres.


PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP65 AIRBEAM is a stunning IP65 moving beam light which delivers an unbelievable bright, fat 2° beam ideal for an outdoor searchlight and big air look.


The Panorama IP Spot has an IP65 rating and is powered by a 420W White LED source. It features a 5° to 50° Zoom, CMY Colour Mixing plus Linear CTO correction and Colour Wheel.


PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP WBX is a stunning IP65 high-output, LED wash light with pixel ring designed to bring the workhorse LED washlight to outdoor events. Featuring 19 of Osrams new 40W RGBW Ostar LEDs, it delivers a massive output with a huge colour range and an extensive toolkit of effects.

Photon 80

Compact RGB LED PAR utilising the latest in Chip On Board technology to project saturated perfectly mixed colours


Very compact, flexible and user-friendly, the PIXERA One is a compact 1U server model that can play back uncompressed 4K at 60fps. With a depth of only 45cm, the PIXERA One is super-intuitive with ground-breaking PIXERA media server software that’s easy to learn and perfect for installation environments and 3D mapping, 2D workflows, and to previsualize work.

TL-500W Fresnel 3200K

The Theatrelight TL-F500 is a white LED Fresnel spotlight suitable for general lighting in small theatres and TV studios, and for exhibition and lighting display including art galleries and museums. The TL-F500 is designed to replace 500W tungsten fixtures.