“At the heart of PROLIGHTS is innovation, functionality and family values”.

PROLIGHTS, a global premier lighting brand was established in 2001. The team benefit from well over 30 years industry specific experience. PROLIGHTS concentrate its focus on the design and manufacture of premium lighting technology and professional video products. Based in Italy and with an in-house R&D centre that guides product development and coordinates the activities of production and external R&D units, a production line that takes care of the assembly of specific products and the quality control department, a logistics centre with big capacity to support the global distribution network and finally, expansive technical support labs. PROLIGHTS is continuing to grow in all sectors with products that can be found on stages, concert halls, events and studios all over the world.

More information about PROLIGHTS and Music & Lights is available at www.musiclights.it.

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Ruby FCX

The PROLIGHTS RUBY FC Beam is a LED replacement for a discharge beam light. Maintaining the bright, tight,  2° beam and adding full colour mixing through the high-efficiency RGB source.


The Panorama IP Spot has an IP65 rating and is powered by a 420W White LED source. It features a 5° to 50° Zoom, CMY Colour Mixing plus Linear CTO correction and Colour Wheel.


PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP WBX is a stunning IP65 high-output, LED wash light with pixel ring designed to bring the workhorse LED washlight to outdoor events. Featuring 19 of Osrams new 40W RGBW Ostar LEDs, it delivers a massive output with a huge colour range and an extensive toolkit of effects.


PROLIGHTS PANORAMA IP65 AIRBEAM is a stunning IP65 moving beam light which delivers an unbelievable bright, fat 2° beam ideal for an outdoor searchlight and big air look.


PROLIGHTS  AIR6PIX is a moving batten designed to deliver a powerful blade of beams. Each of the 4.5° RGBW LED pixels are individually controllable and both sides pivot to create classic ACL ‘fan’ and ‘knot’ looks.


PROLIGHTS STARKBAR1000 is a powerful and zoomable LED moving batten able to be used as a light curtain, CYC light or wash light.


Smart TORCH is an IP54 wireless, battery powered LED candle designed specifically for the event industry.

Smart TORCH includes 6 lights with accessories in an ABS case.